Chinese Golden Larch

Chinese Golden Larch

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Scientific Name:
Pseudolarix amabilis
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A deciduous tree, Pseudolarix amabilis is a native of eastern China, and was first introduced to the UK in 1854. The English name, golden larch, refers to the colour of its autumn foliage. but this tree is a member of the pine family (Pinaceae). It has a superficial similarity to the true larch (Larix), but is more closely related to Keteleeria, Abies and Cedrus. This magnificent species is relatively uncommon in British gardens.

Although Pseudolarix amabilis shares a host of similarities with larch, this species is placed in a genus of its own. It can grow up to 40 m, and its long needles are clustered at the end of short, spurred branches, which are stouter than those of a true larch. It produces a show of bright yellow male catkins; the green female flowers develop into distinctive woody cones. Despite thriving best in warm and humid conditions, Pseudolarix amabilis has proved hardy in Scotland.

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