Terms and Conditions for Tree Adoptions with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE)

  1. All Tree Adoptions are strictly limited to a period of 10 years from the date the adoption panel is placed at the base of the tree.
  2. Prior to the end of the 10 year period, you will be contacted using your last known contact details and given the opportunity to purchase a new commemoration at RBGE’s extantprice for the scheme. If you would like to purchase a new commemoration at the end of the 10 year term, please keep the Fundraising team updated with any change to your address, phone number or email address; their contact details can be found on the Contact Us page.
  3. All Tree Adoption panels remain the property of RBGE.
  4. Should the panel become damaged, RBGE will take all reasonable actions to arrange for a replacement. A maximum of one replacement is permitted in the ten year period. Additional costs may be incurred by the donor should further replacements be required or requested.
  5. Cleaning of the panels will occasionally be undertaken by RBGE. Visitors are not permitted to clean their panel without prior permission from the Fundraising team.
  6. Should RBGE’s Arboretum team advise that the tree should be removed due to plant health, garden development or safety concerns, the donor will be contacted with a view to agreeing another tree for the remainder of the adoption period and RBGE will cover the costs of the new adoption panel.
  7. No externally sourced plant material is allowed on-site, therefore floral tributes are not permitted in the Garden. All such plant material will immediately be removed and destroyed.
  8. RBGE reserves the right to change the terms and conditions. An updated copy will be sent to you should any changes occur.