Terms and Conditions for Bench Adoptions at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE)

  1. All bench adoptions are strictly limited to 10 years from the date your bench is placed in the Garden.
  2. After the 10 year adoption period, you will be contacted using your last known contact details and offered a re-adoption at a price yet to be determined by the organisation. If you would like to re-adopt please keep the Fundraising team updated if your address, phone number or email address change. Contact details for the Fundraising team can be found on the Contact Us page.
  3. Benches are subject to occasional relocation by staff and visitors.
    - As a result, we cannot always know the location of a bench at any given moment. Although we will do our best to help with any enquiries regarding a bench’s location, it may take up to 2 weeks for us to be able to locate it.
    - We cannot guarantee that your bench will stay in the initial location throughout the ten year adoption. Whilst we will do our best to place the bench in the location of your choosing upon its arrival into the Garden, our staff do not have capacity to move benches thereafter.
  4. All benches in the Garden are property of RBGE and therefore the responsibility of maintenance falls to RBGE.
  5. Maintenance costs have been factored into the price of your bench adoption. Should repairs be required we will use the appropriate funds, however should the total cost of repair be greater than the available funds we reserve the right to remove your bench from the Garden. You will be contacted if this is the case. If this happens within your 10 year adoption period we will take all reasonable actions to arrange for a replacement bench to bear the commemorative plaque.
  6. The appearance and design of the bench may vary from depicted images, and will change over the adoption period as the oak weathers. This is normal and to be expected. Maintenance checks are carried out by the supplier in conjunction with RBGE staff on an annual basis and works will be carried out accordingly. You will be notified before your bench is taken in for maintenance.
  7. If anything were to happen to permanently damage your adopted bench, RBGE will do take all reasonable action to contact you and to find a new bench to bear the commemorative plaque.
  8. No externally sourced plant material is allowed on-site, therefore floral tributes are not permitted in the Garden. All such plant material will immediately be removed and destroyed.
  9. RBGE reserves the right to change the terms and conditions. An updated copy will be sent to you should this occur.